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DTrack helps its customers in three very important and unique standard features with a different approach. Customers are always connected to the vehicles and can monitor the actual position in real-time without any delay which is itself very satisfying. Customers can set the outbound locations to the vehicles. The onboard system relays instant alert notifications with the latest support of Push and SMS in case of any violation of the set rules. We also provide comprehensive reports to our customers on a weekly basis or as required. The reports comprise the location history, speed and time of use for the vehicle. With this feature, our customers can analyze fuel consumption and maintenance which is very essential to stop vehicle misuse

our features

live tracking
Keeps you closer to your vehicle. Our latest,
live tracking system relays data in real-time.
In case of any unlikely situation, our customer will get alert notifications via SMS.
Our reports provide location History, Speed and
daily travel mileage to analyze the misuse of the vehicle

Our Packages

Choose the features and functionalty your teams needa today.
easily upgrade as your company grows


Starting at

Rs 13,999

Real Time Tracking Speed Monitoring Mobile APP (iOS & Android) Route History 24/7 Tracking Battery Tamper (via SMS)
Price includes first-year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC)

Basic Plus

Starting at

Rs 14,999

Basic Plan* Ignition Alerts(via Push Notification) City Out (via SMS & Call)      
Price includes first-year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC)
Most Popular


Starting at

Rs 16,999

Basic Plus Plan* Ignition Alerts(via SMS) City Out (via SMS & Call) Immobilzer control On-call location Watch Dog
Price includes first-year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC)

premium plus

Starting at

Rs 17,999

Premium Plus* Voice Monitoring Via Microphones Ignition Alerts With Street Address On SMS Location Watch Dog  
Price includes first-year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC)

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