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Fleet Management Solutions

With drivers on the road for extended periods of some time , it imperative to be able to eal time track the progress of trucks and shipments and to be ready to communicate near real-time with those drivers when needed. With Track+ GPRS and GPS solutions, you'll reduce your operating cost and increase productivity having near real-time information on the situation and standing of all of your fleet.

In addition, you'll directly communicate with the drivers to efficiently adjust routes, schedule additional pick-ups when carrying less-than-full loads, and be alerted to emergency situations.

With Track+, you get an entire system for mobile resource management that's as powerful because it is straightforward to use. It allows you to travel beyond simple vehicle tracking by providing the knowledge you would like to run your long-haul trucking business more profitably.

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  • Near real-time truck tracking
  • Two-way text communications
  • Dispatch functions
  • Delivery reports with start & stop times, locations, and durations
  • Stop and idle time reports
  • Excessive speed alerts
  • History replay feature
  • Vehicle maintenance scheduling
  • Field data collection capability
  • Data export option for customer application
  • Boundary and geofencing with automated alerts
  • Customer own landmarks In/Out and route reporting
  • Route fencing
  • Driver performance reports
  • Real-Time web-based portal